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Robot Pirate Revenge is an SNES inspired platformer. Currently there are 5 levels available for playing.. RPR is a totally code based platformer. All collisions and 'physics' are simulated with a grid based system like 8bit and 16 bit games were created, no physics engine usage. 


Mobile devices => On-Screen touch controls. Red button is attack, yellow button is jump

Desktop => RPR can be played with a keyboard or controller, I've been using a 8bitdo Xpad controller. 
A or Left Arrow == Left
D or Right Arrow == Right
W == Jump
S == Attack
Spacebar == Pause

Also you can use the mouse on the on-screen buttons while playing the desktop version. 

**You can die in RPR but there is no game over, your lives counter will just reset to 3. ***RPR will work on Android 3.0+ devices and Windows ( Corona Build 2016.3007 ). 

Currently no versions of RPR are available for download.

Development log


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I reviewed this game (again) on YouTube. 

CANNONS! There are different types of cannons. All directions static and all directions moving. The hover is a gameplay feature, I'm going to make levels that require the use of the hover to complete. I have made updates since this build, I just haven't updated the version on itch. Seems like cheating after submitting it to the  jam, if its even  possible......

Changed attack to happen when button down ( was set to button up )

 Added some more animation to the hero ( he can now hang from 'gymnastic rings' )

 Made a sky level, with the rings to jump between

Gave hero a little dust cloud behind him when he runs.

and there is a bunch of stuff I made that isn't in the demo.  Thanks for the review and thanks for playing.

I reviewed this game on YouTube!

lol... well it's a demo. I didn't get a chance to make sounds and the controls were laid out on the itch page.  The platform issue is actually real easy to fix. Thanks for playing! Try some of the other levels and maybe use a gamepad, I used an 8bitdo gamepad for testing.

i was thinking of trying it again. i read the itch page again and didn't even realize that you had more levels. I will make another video on doing your game especially since i gave all the other games more playtime than your game because i feel like it feels unfair for you. so expect to have Robot Pirate Revenge to be featured again in a future video.

Also, in case you were wondering why this video is unlisted, basically, i plan on publicly releasing the video tomorrow. I just wanted the game devs and my Discord Server members to see it early.

It's cool, I was more surprised that a 'game' I made for a gam jam got in a video. Really its just 5 different levels, it needs alot more to make it a full game. Like a level map or something, ability to save progress, sounds, more enemies, alot more levels, more animations..etc, etc...

all good games start from somwhere. i can tell with a bit more work you'll have a good game on your hands :)